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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  March 7, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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it is friday, march 7th and this is now live from austin, texas. ♪ >> cpac is the super bowl for conservatives. >> if you have doubts, you lost hope. >> we come to the conference and you leave energized. >> a little rebellion. >> day two featuring a trio of guys who want to be president, but failed. >> i put my neck out there and every other body part. >> the irs is a criminal enterprise. >> the organization turns 50 this year. >> the party is split. the question is whether or not it will bring itself back together. >> can libertarians and socialists ever get along? >> no favors for the senate. >> i wonder if he thinks that bob dole stood for principle when he was so gravely wounded fighting for our country. >> i know when america wants to follow an angry mob. >> will we be bold and proclaim
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our message with passion or will we be sunshine patriots retreating under adverse fire? good. >> people want to be inspired. >> you are the path to the future. you represent the renewed hope that america can be great again. >> talk of rebellion, of god, of guns, of liberty, of benghazi, of midwifery. of the ancient palestinians. welcome, america, to day two of cpac 2014. it is the election of the old, the new and rick perry's glasses. first on the roster was governor oops who brought a texas-sized
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rah-rah to national harbor, maryland. >> it is time for a little rebellion. >> it is time for washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government's role. defend our country. provide a cogent foreign policy. what the heck, deliver the mail, preferably on time and on saturdays. get out of the health care business. get out of the education business. stop hammering industries. >> presumably to the relief of much of his audience, this time the governor was able to recall the third item on his anti-government agenda. next up was former arkansas governor mike huckabee who called the irs a criminal enterprise and accused the government of kidnapping children and said the second amendment was the only resort in protecting the last and only
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resort in protecting american freedom. mainly, it seemed, mr. huckabee was at cpac to talk about god. >> i know there is a god. i know this nation would not exist had he not been the midwife of its birth. i know that life begins at conception. here's what i know. it is time for the government to scale back, not people of faith to scale back. religious liberty should be unimpeded in the nation. this one thing i know, my time is up and i must go. >> hours later, huckabee's biblical counterpart, the sampson to his delilah took the stage. rick santorum, giving advice to republicans on how to run a winning campaign. >> i understand why people come out on the stage and they bang away at president obama.
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i mean, i know. it's fun. i get that. but that isn't going to win people sitting at home who are hurting. i think we need to take a lesson from someone who is maybe the most popular person in the world right now. pope francis. what pope francis is doing, he's going out there and not talking about what the christian faith is against. he's going out there and talking about what we're for. >> but the last harray of the day was not mitt romney of rand paul. his constitution on freedom and liberty and freedom and liberty and also liberty. >> imagine a time when liberty is spread from coast to coast.
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will you liberty lovers, will you stand and be heard? we will not trade our liberty for security. not now, not ever. and no man, no matter how well intentioned will take our freedom from us. we must stop this president from treading on the constitution. let us stand together for liberty. thank you and god bless america. >> with me is no labels co- founder and texas chair for freedom to marry and the national political reporter robert costa. robert, i want to go first to mark to get your thoughts. i'm thrilled to be sitting in the same room with you. >> welcome to the great city of austin. >> when did i think rick perry would be over in the washington metro area and i would be in texas? >> parallel universe.
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>> invasion of the body snatchers. >> welcome to the city where the logo is keep it weird. >> we are doing that. mark, governor perry brought up. he was proclaiming that republicans and americans need a cogent foreign policy. what is interesting to me, we are talking now this week about foreign policy in a way that we have not, i think, in all years probably, and yet, when it comes to republicans, where do you think their hearts lie? are they more with the rand paul retreat from interventionism or aligned with the hawkishness? >> the republicans are more forward leaning. the current events put rand paul in a bit of a box. he is an isolationist. things were headed in that direction. recent events rebalanced that configuration. so, that is why i think you
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heard marco rubio said that. that is on the table and map and a compelling political discussion and issue likely in the near future. republicans are going to be jumping forward and leaning forward with the exception of rand paul. >> robert. the issue of foreign policy and projecting america's strength. it did not sound like it got a huge reception. rand paul, it sounds from reports, plenty of applause and energy seems to be with him and paul lights, molly tweeted out something. she said the cpac attendance is down this year. they raised prices for tickets to attend cpac. that rumor is because they wanted to keep the paul followers, mostly college kids,
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from flooding the straw poll. how accurate is that assessment is? >> i think the cpac blessing for senator paul is a curse for him as he looks toward 2016. in gatherings like this, with the raised ticket prices, you have a large contingent of college students and libertarians in that direction. in this group, he is that most popular figure. when you look at the 2016 map, does that libertarian block give him that? doubtful. he is trying to build momentum, but he is one of many candidates for the 2016 that has a real shot. >> i guess you were forced to be further to the right than you would want to be. a mini version of the republican primary. >> sure. >> you know, issues like
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immigration or foreign policy, which we just talked about, immigration is where the republican party has a lot of thinking to do and moving to do. it was barely brought up. how does the party begin to reconcile concerns on big ticket items when they cannot talk about it in private-ish forum? >> this is the opening bell for 2016. remember, cpac poll winner hasn't won the presidential election or nomination. it's the opportunity to establish that conservative part of the pie that somebody will win and somebody will lead. there will be an establish. candidate. there will be a more moderate candidate. all emerging and fighting for the nomination. it is important, but issues like -- the party has moved. you did not hear much on social issues or gay marriage today at cpac. it is very different than past years. it has moved.
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>> that's true. >> the things that is exciting for republicans or should be, some really diverse candidates. several candidates who have been around the track. rick perry. last time he had three weeks to get ready. this time he has three years. he is good when he is prepared. >> do you think there is a benefit going to cpac if you want to be a general election candidate and win swing voters. >> jeb bush and others have not showed up. there is a strategy to going and strategy to not going. you have to determine where your opportunities are and likely to get support and make a determination. cpac support and the press that comes out of this is substantial for somebody. >> robert, let me ask you, in terms of marco rubio. he spoke yesterday and we were
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just going on the air after he spoke. there wasn't a ton of analysis. in the days since, where do you place his star in the universe right now? ascending or holding steady or descent? >> i think it is ascending, but dipped because of the work on immigration. i think marco rubio came to the senate in 2011. he tried to assert himself to a hawk. he moved to the immigration and the right quickly faded. rubio has to have a better message. can he be more than throw some meat on foreign policy issues? can he revive the 2010 personality? >> there was a photo that made its way around the internet of the cpac. the room was effectively empty. you know, what has the
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attendance been like? any diversity at cpac? >> you have a lot of aging, reagan-era conservative activists. people who have been around cpac for 30 years. you have the college students, although the ticket prices are expensive, they have deductions and they come here cheaply. this is not a party crowd. this is not an republican national convention meeting trying to come up. with a party future. they are here to celebrate and have a little fun. get red meat and toss at rising stars and go home. >> mark, how depressing is that? >> it is not helpful. it is cpac and people recognize what that convention is all about. it doesn't represent the broader republican party. it is a faction of the republican party. >> you know the optics on that from messages.
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>> if you plan that panel, fill the room with right people. that is 101. mark and robert. thanks. coming up, a live with wikileaks founder julian assange. i'll get the latest on edward snowden and his life. first, president obama holds another phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin about the crisis in ukraine. once again, it is a tale of two readouts. the details on that next on "now." ♪ make every day, her day with a full menu of appetizers and entrées crafted with care and designed to delight. fancy feast.
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visit your local branch or to learn more. in ukraine, the standoff with russia and the west continues as russia refuses to
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hold direct talks with kiev and barring international observers from entering crimea. crimean lawmakers will lead crimea to join the ukraine nation. that is against president obama and germany's angela merkel. president obama spoke to russian president vladimir putin by phone. it was the second lengthy discussion this week and has not moved either closer to the other. today, putin was in sochi with the opening ceremony of the opening games. he was acting in compliance with international law. yesterday's imposition of the u.s. sanctions, including visa bans would quote boomerang back
1:18 pm
on the united states. exacerbating tensions, gas would shut off if the country does not pay a late payment. in moscow, two demonstrations on different scales. in the square, 60 anti-war protesters demonstrated over the eyes of authorities of russian's presence in crimea. in red square, in the shadow of the kremlin, a more sizable crowd estimated at 65,000, rallied in support of a crimea becoming part of russia. there are reports that have not been confirmed by nbc news, that armed men, believed to be russian soldiers have stormed a ukrainian base in crimea. no shots have been fired. we will keep you posted on the latest. coming up, he has been called a whistleblower and
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keep in mind, michelle and i are only here today because the kind of education we got. that was the ticket to our success. we grew up like many of you. >> that was president obama moments ago speaking to high school students in miami, florida. the white house year of action is in full swing and for now, sites are set of communities of color. yesterday, president obama held a town hall encourages hispanics to sign up for the affordable
1:23 pm
care act. >> the latino community is the most likely to be uninsured. one out of four of the infante uninsured is latino. >> the first lady is encouraging more african-americans to sign up for coverage. >> a lot of young people think they are invincible. the truth is they are knuckle heads. they are cooking for the first time and slicing their finger open. they are dancing on the bar school. >> the white house has yet to release the racial break downs of the people who signed up through the aca, but for now, they are using all the help they can get. last month, best selling author recorded his tribute to the president after finally getting health coverage.
1:24 pm
>> i'm barrett thurston. i finally have health coverage. this is my health insurance card. thank you, president obama. get covered, america. i've got obamacare and i'm insured. >> joining me now is the co- founder of cultivated wit and author of "how to be black." barrett, it is great to see you. i love being in the same room. >> less of a knuckle head i was a few months ago. she called me out. i heard you, first lady. >> you did it. >> i did. i'm a smart person, but i'm also an idiot. there are people out there like me who let things slide and you kind of hope your health care plan is you hope nothing happens. i was fortunate for 18 months that nothing happened. it is a better way. now i can act a fool for real. >> we played a lot of sound and
1:25 pm
gave everybody a dose of what the white house has been doing to get minorities to enroll in health care coverage. there is a policy incentive to target and speak to communities of color as we are calling them. the president and first lady always wanted a strong relationship to people of color and people that voted for them. in many ways, folks will say it is only in the second term that you are beginning to see the real dialogue. the president had a my brother's keeper event a few weeks ago. that was specifically talking to young men of color. the first lady has had more room to talk to women of color. the wind is in their sails more. what is your hope in the second administration in speaking to the people of color. you wrote a book called "how to be black." what is your expectation?
1:26 pm
>> it is hard to be the first black president. it is hard to be the first anything. you have two hard things overlapping. a pentagram of pain. you have to remember the campaign and the mild steps they took. you will be like angela basset and shaft. you will take over our children. both reined it in. the idea of a year of action is a great one. every year should be a year of action from the white house. >> three and a half years of action. >> we want all four years to be active. it is the second term. you can let your hair down. they are loosening it up. let's take advantage of the credibility of the story. they have a unique story.
1:27 pm
the white house can move the ball forward a bit. i like this direction. there is always so much more. >> i will say when the president spoke at the my brother's keeper event, he said this, no matter how much the community chips in, it will be up to these young men and all the young men out there to step up and seize responsibility for their own lives. you know, i talked to some folks. they said that is a pretty conservative message to send. >> a consistent message. he is fond of going into black churches and tell men to be fathers and put the video games aside. part of that is rhetoric and politics. he is playing to the cameras. see how i talk to my own people? look at this. what is more interesting to me about my brother's keeper, the white house and by extension, the government are bringing together things may have already worked and shining a light and scaling on them. we are here in texas.
1:28 pm
we don't have an excuse not to do things bigger. we know the programs that work. we know the curriculum. we have to take the boot off in terms of criminal justice. if we can get in that direction and not just have a beautiful ceremony, ceremonies can be lovely. if the action is followed through, and we use data and evidence and find out what works for 500 kids in houston and 30 kids in washington, d.c., it would be great. >> let me ask you, bill o'reilly and al sharpton were in the audience. he needs both sides of the aisle to rebuild communities. to say step up and put the onus to some degree on, you know, young black males shoulders, a lot of young black males are saying you are not addressing the systemic racism in our
1:29 pm
society. i will quote bill o'reilly. >> you are doing this? >> it is like eating fish for dinner. he said this to valerie jarrett. you have to get people like jay-z and kanye west. they idolize. you have to get these guys. to which valerie jarrett said i see where are you coming from. the ideas of blackness that make it to mainstream exude too much of the full range of who black people are. musical taste or dancing or occupational interest, all nuance is ignored. there is bill o'reilly talking about kanye west and getting by
1:30 pm
from the scene your advi the senior advisers. >> it is like the "avatar" moment. bill o'reilly is not significantly part of the resolution. what is most important to me, when you talk about the syste c systemic. let's talk criminal justice or police brutality. i have a friend dr. goth. they are building a database working with cops to figure out why there is so much the use of force. that can move the needle. when you are not feeling hunted in your own country. if this initiative leads to more programs like that getting attention and getting money, then bill o'reilly's nonsense is just that. he is an entertainer. if he can feel like he is part of the club, let him rock his headphones. >> let him do that if we can do
1:31 pm
something. >> shine it over here, bill. >> barrett, we didn't get to talk about cultivating wit. >> comedy and design. this is what i started after the onion. we are trying to make the world a fun place. a wittier place. >> enjoy austin. >> thank you so much. we will keep it weird. >> we are. coming up, confined exiled and jailed. those are the descriptions and locations of the three most infamous leakers. julian assange and edward snowden. i'll speak with julian assange in just a moment. that's just ahead.
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my live interview with wikileaks founder julian assange is coming up next, but bertha coombs has the latest. >> the dow was up 30 points. the s&p closing at a record high of one point. the s&p, by the way, five years ago today, was at around 600 and change. it has tripled in the last five years. the nasdaq was down 16 points. for the week, all of the averages were up 1%. the big news was the jobs number for february. 175,000 new jobs. a lot of folks thought the weather would have impacted the job creation. we also saw the unemployment rate tick up to 6.7%.
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in june, it will have been two years since wikileaks founder julian assange took up refuge in ecuadorian assembly in london. >> yes, it is difficult to wake up 500 days and see the same. on the other hand, i'm doing good work. i have no time for anything else now but work. >> recently, assange has been in the news because of a periodical published this month. the project collapsed due to differences with writer and subject. o'hagen described the man who
1:43 pm
put himself in charge of the secrets, simply could not bear his own. the article provided ammunition for assange's critics. in the guardian, the media's obsessive focus on assange's character ignored his accomplishments. this is the one that can number the founder of wikileaks and the war logs and smuggling of edward snowden to safety. the debate continues over how much damage wikileaks has done to american foreign policy and national security interests, without assange, the world would not have details of america's two wars in the middle east. upon the release of july of 2010, the new york times called it, an unvarnished pit ee eed p. assange forced the world to confront of issue of casualties
1:44 pm
like the collateral murder video and clean warfare in the time of increasing public wariness of public battle. tomorrow, julian assange will address that by via satellite. now joining me now is julian assange. julian, thank you for joining us. we have a short delay. i'll go ahead and get into the questions. i want to start with your thoughts on the universe as it stands now. at one point, you wrote in your book, the internet, our greatest tool for emancipation. i'm sure there are people that would agree with that, but you and edward snowden is speaking south by southwest. isn't that evidence it could be a good thing? a very important thing as well? >> well, that's the battle. that's the point of history where we could go one way or we
1:45 pm
could go the other way. i wrote those words about a year ago now. it was hard for many people to believe them at the time. after edward snowden revelations have come out, people who have seen widely that those who have been researching this issue for years like me or james banford were largely correct. the communication we're having now and subsequent one south by southwest is a good one. on one hand, we are heading toward trans national total surveillance society likes the world has never seen. extremely grim future. and on the other, world people are coming together. when people communicate, they develop new values and new policy. that is all something young people are exposed to.
1:46 pm
it is something edward snowden was exposed to and the people that have to be hired by the intelligence agencies placing an important restraint on their behavior. that is something now that the form former cia and nsa director hayden said is the biggest challenge in the need to recruit young people with the belief in transparency. >> julian, you mentioned michael hayden. there are people who said we need to make reforms. the president announced the raft in january. what was your reaction to those? >> look, there is a real question about who is wearing the pants. it has been six months now since the edward snowden revelations started to occur. in that time, have we seen the commencement of the criminal investigation or anyone in the national security agency for
1:47 pm
violating law? the u.s. constitution? no. have we seen the firing of a single person associated with those breaches of the rights of american citizens and others as well? the answer is no. the single forced resignation? the answer is no. who really calls the shots in the executive? is it barack obama? is it the intelligence agency? from the outside, it is a worrying sign. we know when the government takes things seriously. we have not seen that. the question is does the civilian leadership have effective control of the 16 agency intelligence group under the dni? >> so, just to be clear, you see
1:48 pm
no positive evolution on the subject of surveillance from this administration? >> there has been a positive public evolution and public understanding. that public understanding is causing some constraints and behavior. it is generating a very serious market for privacy protecting technology. it is causing other governments like brazil and germany to demand to be treated with respect and fiber optic cables laid in paths where there is no interception. even with us, glen greenwold published a list where i was on the list with the al qaeda leaders. wikileaks has been intercepted in 2012. a lot of people becoming very aware. from that many other things fall out. we will see some important
1:49 pm
progress. it is not coming properly from inside the administration. it is coming from the public's fear from journalists and even now from some industrialists like the founder of e-bay who said you can have $8 billion, but what good is it if your society is heading toward some surveillance totalitarianism. >> i'm curious, if we talk about evolution and the forces that shape that evolution, what do you think wikileaks most significant contribution to that evolution in terms of public awareness and engagement on the issue has been? from your perspective? what is most meaningful? >> if you look at surveillance, we published files and the books and edward snowden which changed a lot. i think it is through the people
1:50 pm
of the last four years seeing to survive is a small publisher and publishing issues of war and diplomacy. we are involved in the shifting going back 2009 to a politically engaged space where young people felt this was the place they lived and the place that they are educated in. people like edward snowden are an example of that phenomena. that is a big culture change. if you talk about a concrete precise action in the relation of the current debate of the national security agency, as far back as 2007, we were writing are articles about the interception points worked across the world. the most important thing we have done is get edward snowden to safety where he can continue to consult and advise and act as an incentive for other people to come forward in a similar
1:51 pm
manner. which has already happened. >> let me ask you about edward snowden. you, too, will be speaking along with chelsea manning at south by southwest. what is your correspondence with edward snowden like these days? what degree are you giving him guidance and advice? when was the last time you spoke? >> well, you know, it is a nature of our business and the nature of our opponents that we can't speak about precise communications details because outside the u.k. government has admitted to spending 5.3 million pounds in the last 18 months sur availabling the embassy. but, we have been involved in edward snowden's defense fund and protecting him in various ways and trying to facilitate
1:52 pm
interpretation and understanding of the data he revealed. he is doing something important in turning up at south by southwest on monday and made important intervention at the european union looking into these issues as well. you know, it is releasing information is one thing, but also important to subsequently provide context and be an important symbol. his freedom has become an important symbol, if you like. almost a referendum on whether it is right for this information to be revealed. >> i should correct myself. i said the chelsea manning speaking. she cannot speak by satellite. it is glen greenwold. i apologize to the audience. >> if only chelsea manning could be there. i suppose that shows you
1:53 pm
something that he is being censored from the public. the answer is, how? asylum. >> julian, let me ask you and before i let you go and i know you have many things you are working on present. you are at the ecuadorian embassy. the statute expires in 2022. do you plan to stay at the embassy until then or subsequent to that, do you feel if you have gotten a raw deal? many people will look and say this man and say the same thing of edward snowden. you have done things are controversial. you are confined, but fairly comfortable confines. how is life for you at this moment? do you think it is fair to issue complaints given you have and is it fair for edward snowden can
1:54 pm
complain although he has not stood trial in the united states? >> i think one can complain about the fair process. we had a grand jury going in the united states now for some three and a half years. the biggest investigation to a publisher that has ever occurred. perhaps unconstitutional. certainly if it came to court, unconstitutional. that is something that should never have been done. we are winning in the political realm. let's step back. we went head-to-head with the pentagon of the people killed in the war in iraq and afghanistan. we won. we were threatened that the documents were destroyed. we have not destroyed anything. we went hedriad-to-head with th state department. we won. we protected edward snowden and we won. none of our staff, with the
1:55 pm
exception of myself briefly, have been arrested or imprisoned. we fought off international unlawful and beating it in the court and european parliament. things are physically difficult for me, but more difficult for people like chelsea manning. i think that history is on our side. that's becoming quite clear to nearly everyone now. we have to wonder what is going to be the real legacy of the barack obama administration. it is not shaping up to be good while our legacy is, i think, something that myself and all our staff can be very proud of. >> julian, just on that last bit about your plans. what is it? 2014 now. the extradition request expires in 2022. do you plan to stay where you
1:56 pm
are? >> in relation to sweden, i have not been charged yet. that is an absurd case and you can read about it. the issue is the ongoing u.s. grand jury investigation, which is a serious thread. bradley manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. it is not just against me. the threat is also something that other staff subject to. sarah harrison one of our people is in exile in berlin. jacob applebaum. there is something interesting where the west is where you seek asylum from or anglo-americans feel. you can take asylum or go to
1:57 pm
another country. you can still publish and still talk freely provided you can keep yourself out of prison. >> wikileaks julian assange. thank you for your time. you will speak by satellite by the south by southwest festival. we ask that you tune in. thank you for your time. we will have more from austin live after the break. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three types of good bacteria. i should probably take this. live the regular life. phillips'. with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything... as long as you buy it at the gas station." it doesn't mean, "everything... until you hit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every place, every occasion, all over creation.
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that's all for now. "the ed show" starts now. >> good evening. welcome to "the ed show" live from new york. let's get to work. ♪ >> changing climate is harming communities. >> the pressure of the presentation faces to reject ke


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